We were unable to select the best of Gerard M. Tanella’s transgressions, and invite you to read the entire list prepared by the Appellate Division in Matter of Tanella   2013 NY Slip Op 00099
Decided on January 9, 2013   Appellate Division, Second Department  Per Curiam.  which determined his "complete abdication by the respondent of his fiduciary duties over client funds and his escrow account; serial neglect by the respondent of legal matters entrusted to him; giving of false testimony to the Grievance Committee; deceiving his clients into believing claims had settled when the respondent had not even commenced actions on their behalf; deceiving third parties into believing the settlement status of claims in order to procure funds; fabrication of court orders by the respondent; issuance of checks which the respondent knew would be returned for insufficient funds; financial injury caused to clients and third parties as a result of the respondent’s misconduct; and participation by the respondent in a criminal enterprise and the failure to extricate himself from such enterprise whose objective was to defraud insurance companies".

What we don’t understand is where the money actually sent to clients came from.  However, we will predict that there are as many as 25 former clients that are now considering legal malpractice litigation.