One of the more interesting legal malpractice cases in the patent area has been the Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory v. Ropes & Gray case.  Cold Spring announced the settlement today which ended a cross-state litigation.  It started in the Eastern District, and was transferred to Massachussets, then dismissed in US District Court, District of Massachusetts  there on jurisdictional grounds.  Revived in state court, it ended in a settlement today.

One interesting casualty was the attorney who wrote the patent application.  Ross Todd of the New York Law Journal reports that Matthew Vincent, the partner who worked on the patent application, had his own bad outcome.

"Vincent was dismissed from Ropes in 2009 after the firm discovered that a patent database company he secretly owned billed the firm and its clients more than $730,000. He resigned from the Massachusetts bar in 2009 while disciplinary charges were pending against him. It was not immediately clear Monday where he is working now. "