Big Law Gets Religion

Reed Smith had a nice relationship with the Bair Foundation, a smaller religeous entity.  They represented the foundation for a while, and did so amicably.  However, when the foundation became a defendant in a discrimination law suit, and Reed Smith defended, the bill for legal services rose from an estimated $ 50,000 to $ 1 Million.  Now the foundation sues and says that  Biglaw is not for smaller companies or entities.

"The high demands on partners in global law firms to increase profits, the client said, ultimately led to its claims of professional negligence against Reed Smith. The religious nonprofit alleged it was excessively charged for its legal representation in a routine employment discrimination case, according to the complaint in The Bair Foundation v. Reed Smith.

And the nonprofit's attorney said he thinks these large firms shouldn't represent the smaller organizations.

The Bair Foundation, described in the complaint as a Christian charitable foundation devoted to foster care for children, sued Reed Smith in Lawrence County Common Pleas Court in Pennsylvania after it was allegedly charged nearly $1 million in legal fees and costs in defense of the suit.

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