Troy:   Just like Jack Hall Plumbing & Heating, Inc. v Duffy, 100 AD3d 1082, 1084 [2012]) defendant moved for summary judgment without an expert.  Just like Jack Hall, the motion fails.Land Man Realty, Inc. v Faraone   2012 NY Slip Op 08218 [100 AD3d 1336]  November 29, 2012
Appellate Division, Third Department. 

"Thereafter, plaintiff commenced this action against defendants, claiming that it was the procuring cause of the sale of the property and is entitled to a 10% commission pursuant to an alleged agreement with defendants. As is relevant herein, defendants, in turn, commenced a third-party action against third-party defendant, Robert W. Pulsifer, an attorney who represented defendants in the real estate transaction. Defendants claim that Pulsifer (1) failed to respond or take any action regarding plaintiff’s letters asserting a claim for a commission, and (2) negotiated the contract for the sale of property to CDP in a manner that did not sufficiently protect defendants against plaintiff’s commission claim. Defendants moved for summary judgment dismissing the complaint and Pulsifer moved for summary judgment dismissing the amended third-party complaint. Supreme Court denied both motions. Pulsifer now appeals.

We affirm. A legal malpractice action requires a showing that an attorney "failed to exercise the ordinary reasonable skill and knowledge commonly possessed by a member of the legal profession [and] the attorney’s breach of this professional duty caused the plaintiff’s actual damages" (McCoy v Feinman, 99 NY2d 295, 301-302 [2002] [internal quotation marks and citations omitted]; see Rudolf v Shayne, Dachs, Stanisci, Corker & Sauer, 8 NY3d 438, 442 [2007]; M & R Ginsburg, LLC v Segal, Goldman, Mazzotta & Siegel, P.C., 90 AD3d 1208, 1208-1209 [2011]). Here, although Pulsifer himself avers that based upon his legal experience he was not negligent in the advice and representation he provided to defendants, he failed to submit adequate proof establishing the applicable standard of care and whether he breached that standard. As Pulsifer failed to meet his initial legal burden of establishing his entitlement to summary judgment as a matter of law (see Jack Hall Plumbing & Heating, Inc. v Duffy, 100 AD3d 1082, 1084 [2012]), his summary judgment motion was properly denied."