Legal Malpractice Basics

Garr Silpe, P.C. v Gorman  2019 NY Slip Op 32248(U)  July 26, 2019  Supreme Court, New York County Docket Number: 650247/2017 Judge: Kathryn E. Freed illustrates the uneasy fit between matrimonial cases and legal malpractice.  Almost overwhelmingly, the legal malpractice comes up as a counterclaim in an attorney-fee case, rather than as a claim.  Often,

An attorney departs from good practice and an immigrant is jailed for a year.  The attorney is sued and (presumably) is not insured.  He gets a childhood friend to defend the legal malpractice case.  The childhood friend departs from good practice and the immigrant wins a large verdict.  Attorney cannot pay the judgment and files