I litagate in the area of attorney malpractice for two reasons, one altruistic and one for myself. People who have brought cases in court have done so through attorneys, and aside from the result, the process is often bumpy and in some cases demeaning. Attorneys on the whole are caring, hard working professionals, but many litigants report that they were kept in the dark, that their attorneys made decisions for them, and that the relationship was more than unsatisfactory.

Practicing in this area allows for regeneration of hope, and the possibility of reasonable compensation for the client. As an example, in divorce litigation, the wife is often at a disadvantage when the husband is in his own business or is an entrepreneur. Wives in those cases depend on discovery and litigation by their divorce attorneys, who are not always resolute in their investigation of the husband’s business assets. As a result, wives often lose valuable rights to the marital estate.

In one case, I was able to help a wife regain assets she had been striving to find for more than 10 years. In her case, she accurately understood that her husband had hidden the vast portion of his compensation in “loans” and other asset spreading maneuvers. By taking on her case, I was able to obtain $ 350,000 for her, assuring her financial condition.

In another case, through inadvertence and inattention, a real estate company was told that it must pay a certain tax, which could have easily been legally avoided. When their attorneys were asked about this, they offhandedly told the client that the law had been changed, and the avoidance was no longer available. It was, however, and the client overpaid tax by $ 1.3 million. Litigation restored the majority of that sum to the client.

For me, the exciting part of this work is the array of underlying cases and situations, which must be understood and mastered. I have had the opportunity to learn aspects of:

  • marital law
  • family law
  • tax law
  • tort law
  • insurance law
  • construction law
  • estates practice

Every case is exciting, for I have the opportunity to learn new things, and help people regain trust in an attorney.