Legal Malpractice Cases

Legal malpractice cases frequently revolve around real estate, and almost as frequently around intra-sibling disputes.  Wong v Yeung-Ha  2020 NY Slip Op 31832(U)  June 11, 2020
Supreme Court, Kings County Docket Number: 505276/18,   Judge: Karen B. Rothenberg hits both issues when a $14 Million estate consisting of Brooklyn and Hong Kong properties devolves into a

Legal malpractice plaintiffs rarely get procedural wins.  Fernandez v McCarthy  2020 NY Slip Op 03079  Decided on May 28, 2020 Appellate Division, First Department is an exception.

“Under the circumstances, we find that, although plaintiff delayed in seeking an extension of his time to re-serve the complaint, the motion court appropriately exercised its discretion when

Lawyers are, if nothing else, inventive.  A claim against another lawyer is almost always subject to legal malpractice analysis, and with that, legal malpractice standards.  Claims of fraud, breach of contract, breach of fiduciary duty, intentional infliction of emotional distress, libel, slander, prima facie tort, and even more.  Nevertheless, courts almost always revert to the

Matrimonial legal malpractice cases are difficult for plaintiff.  Generally they end in a settlement and courts have held that mere settlement (even if effectively compelled by mistakes of counsel) will not permit a legal malpractice case to be brought.  Other courts have held that the allocution which generally  accompanies an in-court settlement serves to immunize