Legal Malpractice Cases

Legal malpractice issues, and definitely attorney-client privilege issues arise in Estates.  They can come up prior to death, by virtue of the death or afterwards, but in each instance there is a question of the relationship of the estate and the attorney, and who is now the “client” in terms of rights and privileges between

There is nothing new about the requirement that a defendant show both a reasonable excuse for the default as well as a meritorious defense to the action when seeking to vacate a default judgment.  Neely v Felicetti
2019 NY Slip Op 08282  Decided on November 14, 2019  Appellate Division, First Department simply repeats this ancient

Many cases are lost, across the spectrum of legal issues, for procedural issues.  It is especially poignant to see a legal malpractice case lost on service of process issues. Gengo v Storms  2019 NY Slip Op 02504 [171 AD3d 709]  April 3, 2019  Appellate Division, Second Department presents such a situation.

“On October 23, 2016,

As we discussed on Friday, how and when “continuous representation” is applied depends more on the judge or appellate panel hearing the case than on time-honored well-understood rules.  Schrull v Weis
2018 NY Slip Op 07769 [166 AD3d 829] November 14, 2018 Appellate Division, Second Department demonstrates that continuous representation may be applied idiosyncratically.