Legal Malpractice Cases

Fraud on the court is not really “fraud” as it is generally used. Pritsker v Zamansky LLC  2021 NY Slip Op 05678 Decided on October 19, 2021
Appellate Division, First Department discusses a selective quote and whether it was fraud on the court.

“As the basis for seeking vacatur of the November 2018 order,

Judiciary Law 487 is the ancient deceit statute concerning attorneys.  It is not “lightly given” and remains a rarely successful remedy.  Lavelle-Tomko v Aswad & Ingraham  2021 NY Slip Op 01112 [191 AD3d 1142]
February 18, 2021 Appellate Division, Third Department is an example.

“After plaintiff was terminated by her former employer (hereinafter Century 21)