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What Do We Talk About When We Talk About Legal Malpractice

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We’re proud to present an article in today’s Outside Counsel Column in the New York Law Journal about legal malpractice. When we speak of legal malpractice, generally the discussion is rooted on a “departure” from good practice.  The missed deadline, the rejected brief, the failure to appear in court, the missed argument.  However, departure is… Continue Reading

It’s Not Judiciary Law 487 Case

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Clark v Allen & Overy LLP  2019 NY Slip Op 30146(U)  January 16, 2019  Supreme Court, New York County  Docket Number: 453138/2017  Judge: Arlene P. Bluth is an employment abuse case (between lawyers) that went all the way to a request for cert at SCOTUS.  For our purposes, it’s not a JL § 487 case.  Even more interesting, there is no… Continue Reading

No Service, No Case

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DeMartino v Harris  2018 NY Slip Op 08278  Decided on December 5, 2018 Appellate Division, Second Department stands for the proposition that if a case is flawed in its service, it remains flawed throughout.  Here, service was demonstrably no good.  Nothing further good could save the case. “The plaintiffs commenced this action against the defendant, their former counsel,… Continue Reading

Professional Malpractice or Negligent Misrepresentation?

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In Greenstreet of N.Y., Inc. v Davis  2018 NY Slip Op 07837 Decided on November 15, 2018 Appellate Division, First Department the distinction is meaningless.  This construction/building code case raises the question of privity and near privity. “Whether characterized as professional malpractice or negligent misrepresentation, the central issue is whether plaintiff has sufficiently alleged a relationship of privity… Continue Reading

Total Confusion in a Real Estate Situation But No Deceit

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Wang v Hon  2018 NY Slip Op 32686(U)  October 23, 2018  Supreme Court, Queens County Docket Number: 12353/17 Judge: Allan B. Weiss is the story of a million law suits over two side-by-side houses in Queens where the litigation is never-ending.  Defendant has a judgment lien which has attached to the neighbor’s house, and Plaintiff has done everything in… Continue Reading

The Insurance Broker and Negligent Misrepresentation

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Superstorm Sandy caused a lot of damage, and exposed quite a few problems.  These latent problems only came to light as the water receded. Glazier Group, Inc. v Nova Cas. Co. 2018 NY Slip Op 32576(U)  October 5, 2018  Supreme Court, New York County  Docket Number: 159101/2014 Judge: Melissa A. Crane is an example of a problem at the South Street… Continue Reading

It was Not Deceit Because Plaintiff Already Knew

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Aristakesian v Ballon Stoll Bader & Nadler, P.C.  2018 NY Slip Op 07084  Decided on October 24, 2018  Appellate Division, Second Department stands for the proposition that Courts really, really shy away from allowing Judiciary Law § 487 cases to go forward.  Here, the logic is that while the attorneys may have been deceitful, plaintiff already knew about it,… Continue Reading

Two Lessons From a Legal Malpractice

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Armstrong v. Blank Rome LLP, Supreme Court, New York County, Index No. 651881/2013, Justice David B. Cohen, J., offers three lessons in a matrimonial – legal malpractice case.  The first is that such a case can survive the post-Katebi v. Fink landscape. The second is that an unexplained conflict of interest can lead to a good Judiciary… Continue Reading

No Privity and No Near Privity Either

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Yesterday, we discussed privity in a real estate setting in 71 Park Ave. S., LLC v Fox Rothschild LLP  2018 NY Slip Op 32451(U)  October 1, 2018  Supreme Court, New York County  Docket Number: 158900/2017.  Judge Saliann Scarpulla determined that one of the two plaintiffs lacked privity because it was formed after the representation was commenced, and the retainer… Continue Reading

The Rare Application of McCoy’s Alternate Statute of Limitations

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It only comes up once in a while, but Jonns v Fischbarg  2018 NY Slip Op 32353(U)  September 18, 2018  Supreme Court, New York County  Docket Number: 150729/2017 Judge: Kathryn E. Freed applies an alternative “commencement” of the statute of limitations found in McCoy v. Feinman, 99 NY2d 295,301(2002).  In McCoy the Court of Appeals wrote: “An action to recover damages arising from an… Continue Reading

Who is a “Professional” in Negligence Law?

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Plaintiffs often allege “professional negligence” in claims against brokers, insurance agents, financial planners, architects and others.  The question of who can be sued for “professional negligence” is not decided merely by an allegation.  Judd v Madison Advisory Servs., Inc. 2018 NY Slip Op 32298(U)  September 6, 2018  Supreme Court, New York County  Docket Number: 152895/2017  Judge: Frank P. Nervo explains:… Continue Reading

Problems in the Transactions, Problems in the Representation

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Plaintiff was involved in several problematical joint real estate deals, each of which disappointed him as a participant.  Was the law firm negligent in the transactions and was plaintiff damaged thereby?  In Hobbick v Zegans  2018 NY Slip Op 32180(U)  September 5, 2018  Supreme Court, New York County  Docket Number: 159172/2017  Judge: Barbara Jaffe the answer is no. “In April 2013,… Continue Reading

No Legal Malpractice, No Contribution, No Indemnity Part 2

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Yesterday we discussed the legal malpractice aspect of Billiard Balls Mgt. LLC v Mintzer Sarowitz Zeris  Ledva & Meyers, LLP  2018 NY Slip Op 32019(U)  August 17, 2018 Supreme Court, New York County  Docket Number: 153477/2016  Judge: Carol R. Edmead.  It was dismissed, mostly on the basis of lack of privity, backed up by lack of evidence of departure. Here is… Continue Reading

A Costly Landlord-Tenant Proceeding

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This entire episode could have been prevented.  The most likely reason for the problem is that the landlord purchased the building at a foreclosure sale and never became aware that the prior owner had entered into a stunning stipulation.  Beyond that mere fact, it is true that ancient SRO regulations on the UWS created a… Continue Reading

A Series of Unsettling Events with Legal Malpractice to Follow

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Brothers-in-law can be a problem to a successful car sales operation as is sadly set forth in Brausch v Devery  2018 NY Slip Op 31929(U) August 7, 2018  Supreme Court, Suffolk County Docket Number: 11-28918  Judge: Denise F. Molia.  Plaintiff has a nice little used car lot and allows his brother-in-law to help him run it.  When he has to,… Continue Reading

Breach of Fiduciary Duty For Hiring an e-Discovery Company

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Well, not for simply hiring an e-Discovery company, but for hiring a pet e-Discovery company which egregiously overbilled might lead to liability for the law firm.  We look at FTI Consulting, Inc. v CT Miami, LLC  2018 NY Slip Op 31923(U)  August 6, 2018  Supreme Court, New York County Docket Number: 654062/2016  Judge: Melissa A. Crane for a second day.… Continue Reading

The Statute of Limitations is 3 Years, And Not A Day More

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King Tower Realty Corp. v G & G Funding Corp.  2018 NY Slip Op 05027  Decided on July 5, 2018  Appellate Division, Second Department illustrates the power of the statute of limitations.  While plaintiff may succeed in Supreme Court, many such decisions are reversed in the AD.  This is one. “The plaintiff commenced this action on February 27,… Continue Reading