Jewell Law, PLLC v Ruci  2020 NY Slip Op 33648(U) November 3, 2020
Supreme Court, New York County Docket Number: 655702/2019
Judge: Arthur F. Engoron displays some unique inductive reasoning, and some conventional legal reasoning.  Breach of Fiducary duty is dismissed in an unconventional matter.  Legal malpractice is more conventionally decided.

“This Court finds that

Plaintiff hired Defendant attorney to represent him in both a criminal and a civil matter.  The civil matter went wrong, and Plaintiff sued.  Defendant argued that you may not sue a criminal defense attorney absent a showing of “actual innocense.”  True enough, but…

“The court properly denied the motion to dismiss the first cause of

Plaintiff had a collission with a Nassau County bus.  Legal representation by the first two attorneys caused him to lose any opportunity to sue.  Whom might be responsible?

Buxton v Zukoff  2020 NY Slip Op 33426(U) October 16, 2020  Supreme Court, New York County Docket Number: 160223/15 Judge: Lynn R. Kotler discusses the Notice of