Getty v Schiavetta 2024 NY Slip Op 50697(U) Decided on May 18, 2024 Supreme Court, Westchester County Ondrovic, J. is a factually simple pro-se legal malpractice litigation with an interesting procedural twist. The legal malpractice claim comes after a mediated settlement. The issue is whether the attorney misled the client into thinking that the settlement

Real estate and legal malpractice go hand-in-hand so often in New York that there is practically a sub-genre of Manhattan apartment legal malpractice cases. They involve construction litigation, water intrusion litigation and of course, mortgage law litigation.

RSD857 LLC v Wright 2024 NY Slip Op 31674(U) May 13, 2024 Supreme Court, New York County Docket

Dabiri v Porter 2024 NY Slip Op 02686 Decided on May 15, 2024 Appellate Division, Second Department is a case that neither defendant took particularly seriously, as each appeared pro-se (probably meaning that they choose not to involve their insurers.)

“In 2006, the plaintiff retained the defendant Albert Van-Lare to represent him with respect to