Traditionally, one pleads:  “If this, then that.”  However, when proposing how persons would have reacted to a specific stimulus, in the legal malpractice setting, one must avoid speculation.  So, attorney was tardy in serving and filing a Notice of Entry.  That gave the other side more time to file a notice of appeal.  Did it

We look to the Courts for legal guidance, and practitioners look to Appellate decisions in order to understand guiding principles.  In a legal malpractice setting, one question might be whether the standard of practice requires attorneys to ensure that a purchaser of real property gets everything that is promised in the contract of sale?


People often ask attorneys whether they have any celebrity clients?  Here, in Carter v Sweeney  2021 NY Slip Op 31261(U) April 16, 2021
Supreme Court, New York County Docket Number: 151067/2019
Judge: James E. d’Auguste Lil Wayne asks for 13 years of legal fees to be returned to him.  He is generally unsuccessful.

“This action

It is a bedrock principle of litigation that the vast majority of cases have to settle if they are to be resolved in any fashion.  Courts are not able to try all cases.  If settlements were not the norm, then litigants would routinely go broke trying to finalize cases which sat for years and years