Generally speaking, there has been a stark split between the First and Second Departments over the standard for a Judiciary Law § 487 claim.  In the First Department there was a requirement of a “chronic and extreme pattern of legal delinquency” and in the Second Department a single egregious incident of deceit was sufficient.  Amtrust

Plaintiff defended a suit by her attorneys seeking a contingent fee on the basis that they settled the case without her authorization.  Customarilly, these cases are a win for the attorney.  Not yet, in Silbowitz, Garafola, Silbowitz, Schatz & Frederick, LLP v Paravas 2021 NY Slip Op 01871
Decided on March 25, 2021 Appellate

Sometimes with the statute of limitations staring at plaintiff, the question of whether the case is premature arises.  There is, of course, a conundrum.  Bring the case now (while the underlying case is still pending) and it is too early.  Wait for the underlying case to resolve, and it will be too late.

Aydiner v

Hall v Hobbick 2021 NY Slip Op 01398 Decided on March 10, 2021 Appellate Division, Second Department illustrates the principle that no written retainer agreement is necessary for the formation of an attorney-client relationship.

“The Supreme Court erred in granting that branch of the third-party defendants’ motion which was pursuant to CPLR 3211(a)(1) and (7)

Alrose Steinway, LLC v Jaspan Schlesinger, LLP  2021 NY Slip Op 30619(U) March 5, 2021Supreme Court, New York County Docket Number: 151482/2017 Judge: Andrea Masley is a long, reasoned and detailed discussion of a legal malpractice claim based upon a projection of future commercial events.  it is too long to effectively excerpt it for a

Cases are rarely directly dismissed for discovery failures. Generally, discovery failures manifest themselves in a bad outcome at trial, in a bad outcome on summary judgment, or in a flameout prior to trial, with attorneys withdrawing and the case sputtering to a finish.  Here, in Cascardo v Dratel  2021 NY Slip Op 30667(U) March 4,