This case has gone from US District Court to the US Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit, to the NY Court of Appeals, and back to District Court.  It’s a case in which the question now is whether the retainer agreement is in effect, whether misconduct by the attorney vitiates the agreement, and to whom a big fee goes.

"This dispute between the plaintiff, Edward C. King ("King" or the "Plaintiff"), a musician, and his lawyer, defendant Lawrence A. Fox ("Fox" or the "Defendant") concerning the retainer agreement between them has occupied this Court, the magistrate judge, the Court of Appeals on two occasions, and the New York Court of Appeals over the past ten years. Presently at issue is Fox’s motion to strike King’s demand for a jury trial; initially made in August, 2003, deferred as a consequence of the grant of summary judgment for Fox in January, 2004, and renewed on October 31, 2007, after the remand from the Court of Appeals on August 11, 2006. For the reasons stated below, the motion will be denied."