So far the central question in this legal malpractice case is whether it is taking place in a judicial hellhole, and incidently, who gets to make that decision.

This is a legal malpractice case taking place in Madison County, Illinois.  Here is the story from the Madison St. Claire Record:

"Relics of Madison County’s past are scheduled to reappear for a legal malpractice trial that will open old, painful wounds and be as dramatic as anything ever seen in an Edwardsville courtroom.

The heart of the matter is about the area’s most notorious swindler James Gibson who stole millions from children and widows by making off with their structured settlement funds.

But legendary plaintiff’s attorney Rex Carr — who plans to call former Madison County judges Gordon Maag and Randall Bono and prolific personal injury attorney Thomas Q. Keefe as witnesses — is trying to convince the jury to take pity on another victim in the "debacle," his client, Magna Bank (now Regions Bank).