The Statute of Limitations for legal malpractice in New York is 3 years under CPLR 214(6).  In New Jersey it might be 6 years, as the AD1 tells us.  However, for a legal malpractice case brought in New York, it has to be started within 3, not 6 years, as plaintiff found out in Soloway v Kane Kessler, PC  2019 NY Slip Op 00026  Decided on January 3, 2019 Appellate Division, First Department.

“The court correctly found the complaint time-barred under CPLR 202, New York’s “borrowing statute,” which requires a claim to be timely under both the New York limitations period and that of the jurisdiction where the claim is alleged to have arisen (Kat House Prods., LLC v Paul, Hastings, Janofsky & Walker, LLP, 71 AD3d 580 [1st Dept 2010]).

Plaintiff, a New Jersey resident, alleged legal malpractice in connection with defendants’ representation of him for numerous real estate transactions, a cause of action which has a three year statute of limitations in New York (CPLR 214[6]), and a six year limitations period in New Jersey (NJ Stat Ann 2A:14-1). The latest that the alleged malpractice could have occurred was February 7, 2013, the date set for closing on the last of the real estate matters. Because plaintiff commenced the action on October 28, 2016, more than three years later, it was correctly dismissed as untimely.”