22 NYCRR 1215 is a section of the law that governs attorney fees and engagement letters or retainer agreements.  Until recently, courts have had differeing interpretations of the penalty when an attorney seeks fees but has no retainer agreement or engagement letter.

The cases were decided in three different ways:  the first allowed the attorrney fees determined

Christian, son of Marlon Brando died last week, and the AP his former wife has now started a legal malpractice action concerning his will and codicils.  "But his family requested the autopsy on Monday "based on his past drug history," Los Angeles County coroner’s Lt Fred Corral said.

The autopsy, including a toxicology analysis, was

Small or Multi-billion dollar case, legal malpractice cases all rest upon the same three bases:  deviation from accepted practice, proximate cause and damage.  As an example, here is a smallish case from the Madison Record:

"A legal malpractice claim filed by Cydney Hollaway against Fairview Heights attorney Thomas C. Rich alleges she did not

From an unpublished Illinois case, discussed  by  the Illinois Legal Malpractice Blog, we are reminded of the fact that a bankruptcy filing will generally cut off plaintiff’s right to bring any law suit, including the legal malpractice case.  Two things that always bear review:

1.  When one files bankruptcy, everything, including potential unpled causes of

On some ocassions, the dissection of a case yields interesting insights.  Here is a Second Department Case: Petersen v Lysaght, Lysaght & Kramer, P.C. ,  2008 NY Slip Op 00472
Decided on January 22, 2008 ,Appellate Division, Second Department  which illustrates several points:

1.  Some cases are a problem from begining to end.  In this

We’ve reported on the widespread influence of Deleware corporate law.  Many attorneys seemingly practice Delaware law without setting a foot there, without holding themselves out as Delaware attorneys.  This happens when they advise corporate clients on how Delaware would act.

Here, in a Hinshaw report, is the collalary:  Delaware exercising personal jurisdiction over an ever