Legal Malpractice Basics

Once in a while a case captures your interest.  This was the situation in Gevorkyan.  Sure, this was outside of legal malpractice and professional liability, but a former client came to us with a problem.  He had been arrested for financial crimes, and bail was set at $2 Million.  He paid a bail bond premium,

The family is large, and the husband has been married at least twice.  There are adult children from the first marriage, and the husband has significant sums of money.  What is this?  It is a recipe for internecine war;  of course, it is over money.   Did Dad fraudulently and wrongfully give the adult kids money

Yesterday, we spoke about commercial litigation, intra-company claims and how minority shareholders can bring claims that attorneys for the corporation or the majority shareholders have wronged them.  Yesterday, it was “legal malpractice.”  Today it’s “breach of fiduciary duty.”

Exeter Law Group LLP v Wong  2016 NY Slip Op 32425(U)  December 9, 2016 Supreme Court, New