What could be more complicated than explaining why an attorney’s errors doomed a generic drug defect products liability case, based upon medical malpractice in the prescribing of the generic allegedly defective drug in which there were nationwide class actions and federal preemption claims?

Schwartz v Oshman & Mirisola, LLP 2024 NY Slip Op 31592(U)

Walsam 316 v 316 Bowery Realty Corp. 2024 NY Slip Op 02288 Decided on April 30, 2024 Appellate Division, First Department is the story of a real estate/rent overcharge proceeding between sophisticated commercial entities which, almost incidentally included a legal malpractice claim. Amendment of the legal malpractice claim was denied.

“Order, Supreme Court, New York

After reading the competing claims in Cotton v Kiperman 2024 NY Slip Op 31435(U)
April 22, 2024 Supreme Court, Kings County Docket Number: Index No. 515660/2023
Judge: Francois A. Rivera we wonder how Surrogate’s Court came to its conclusion. In any event Supreme Court dismisses on res judicata.

“The complaint alleges the following salient facts

Incorporated Vil. of Freeport v Albrecht, Viggiano, Zurich & Co., P.C. 2024 NY Slip Op 01800 Decided on April 3, 2024 Appellate Division, Second Department is the one-in-a-million summary judgment for plaintiff in a professional negligence case.

“The plaintiff commenced this action, inter alia, to recover damages for accounting malpractice against the defendants, Albrecht, Viggiano

Rothman v Sandra Radna, P.C. 2024 NY Slip Op 02102 Decided on April 18, 2024
Appellate Division, First Department demonstrates that there are many procedural traps which can doom a later legal malpractice claim. In this setting, a stipulation collaterally estopped Plaintiff from suing the attorneys later.

“Plaintiff previously litigated whether defendants were entitled to