Sounds like the start of a joke?  This litigation is obviously not a joke for either side.  Bois Schiller uses an arbitration clause in their engagement letter, requiring arbitration of anything “arising from or relating to the Engagement” and they will go to great lengths to enforce it.  Even this particular billionaire client was unable

JL§ 487, possibly the oldest part of the anglo-american common law, but for the Magna Carta, regularly comes up in legal malpractice settings.  Here, in Sammy v Haupel 2019 NY Slip Op 02372
Decided on March 27, 2019 the Appellate Division, Second Department affirms the dismissal of a claim against Wilson Elser and its top

In Nowlin v Schiano  2019 NY Slip Op 02216  Decided on March 22, 2019  Appellate Division, Fourth Department affirmed the decision of Supreme Court, Monroe County.  With a recitation of Supreme Court’s standard, it concludes that there is no substance to the pro-se claim.  Further explantion, there is none.

“Memorandum: In this legal malpractice action,