Legal Malpractice News

Allentown, PA is the epicenter of this legal malpractice case.  A group of investors wanted to start a nightclub/bar, and started to explore the Pennsylvania countryside in order to locate the Volcano, where they would set up bar.

Things did not go well.  Allentown was just not ready for the Volcano.  It was too loud

Small Smiles is a horror story of dental marketing, and the abuse of children.  There is a legal malpractice aspect to it, which is wholly overshadowed by the callous dentistry here.

"All plaintiffs allege that: (1) defendants engaged in a scheme to treat patients for Forba’s profits rather than for plaintiffs’ dental needs; (2) the

Legal malpractice is a tort, right?  Everyone knows that it’s a variety of negligence, and it can be pled in tort or in contract?  Technically, yes, but its really a different kind of tort.  It does not have unlimited damages (think emotional disturbance) it does not allow for windfalls (think "ascertainable damages") and in generally